Support services

We offer students support in a safe and caring learning environment and cater for each individual’s needs to ensure their transition back into education is as smooth as possible.

CLC Connect

All students enter the Community Learning Centre (CLC) via an interview with the CLC Connect team, who aim to help you transition back into study and plan for the future.

You will work with our team of wellbeing and learning mentors to:

  • Prepare yourself for life at the CLC with an induction and orientation session
  • Plan your SACE journey
  • Set goals for your time at the CLC
  • Better understand your learning style and needs
  • Develop skills needed to transition into a more tailored pathway

Our Wellbeing and Transitions area is a space where you can relax and prepare for future greatness. After your induction, all students have access to the Wellbeing and Transitions area (from Tuesday to Thursday) to get support with your studies.

Other support services

In addition to the CLC Connect team, other support services we offer include access to:

  • Counselling and youth support
  • Career guidance and transition connections
  • Case Management