Student Stories

The Community Learning Centre (CLC) inspires, embraces, accepts, encourages, motivates and helps young people create a new future. Here’s what our students say about the CLC.


"I moved to NASC/CLC not knowing anyone and being the shy kid who never made an effort. Fast-forward a few months, I have made myself a group of friends… we’ve watched each other grow, fall, cry and laugh. And I wouldn’t change that for the world."


"At one point I was getting really frustrated, but then one of the teachers (Nathan) came and helped me. I never thought I would enjoy education so much, I am just so excited because I haven’t been this happy in a long time."


"I’ve just finished Certificate IV in Fitness and have been accepted into Foundations at Uni. I enjoyed studying at the CLC a lot more than regular school. The teachers are pretty awesome!"


"I started at the CLC at a very young age. Since then I have not only completed my SACE, but now I am a Volunteer Peer Mentor at the CLC."


"I never thought I’d finish school, I just assumed I’d be doing it for ever and ever! Thank you for allowing me to continue my schooling in an adult environment with amazing staff! I never thought I would not want to leave school but I actually don’t."


"I thought CLC would be just like regular school, but I was wrong – I got lot’s more support and the staff are more relaxed and understanding. If you are feeling anxious just give CLC a shot, it is worth it."


"When I was going to my old school they didn’t see me as a person and I didn’t feel like I could do anything right or that I mattered… Here at the CLC, the Teachers listen and we learn stuff that is going to help us in life. I like doing my work now and I know I can do stuff."


"Moving schools to the CLC became an opportunity for me to find myself in ways I never tried before."