Create your own piece of Aerosol Art

Learn various Aerosol Art techniques & Styles

Work towards developing several pieces for a community art exhibition and presentation night
held at Salisbury Twelve25 at the end of semester. Students also have the opportunity to work on real community design briefs! This project allows you to

  • Learn various Aerosol Art techniques & Styles
  • Work on real community design briefs
  • Develop drawing and design techniques
  • Learn how to express yourself through visual communication
  • Create your own artworks to exhibit and sell
  • And gain 10 SACE Credits

“I have learned more here than in 6 years of Primary School, word!”
“I like how we have the opportunity to drive the projects, like it is in the real world!”
“I can paint with a spray-can now, and have met new friends…”

“I feel more confident, and have spoken in front of clients and an audience!”

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