All staff at CLC “go above and beyond”. They are keenly professional and always have students’ best interests at heart and this can be seen in the vast array of extra curricular activities scheduled for students.

Dynamic teaching is at the heart of what we do and we tailor your study to suit your timetable, learning style and individual goals whether it’s towards further study or straight into a career.

We believe that quality teaching and building respectful relationships between teachers and students is an important factor influencing your achievement and engagement at this school.

Our teaching staff aim to know and understand you best so you can get on with learning in a safe, supportive community.

Teaching and Admin


Kimberley Johns

SSO, Student Services

Chester, Jarrad

Jarred Chester

Aboriginal Community Education Officer/ Ice Factor

John Russo

John Russo

SSO, Community Services Enagagement Case Manager

Adam Sherwood

Adam Sherwood

Senior FLO Leader

Mission Australia