A Taste of FLO – Mission Australia


Have you ever wondered how you can put your spin on the art of cooking?

A Taste of FLO will be an experience like no other, allowing you to sprinkle your personal touch on a diverse range of nutritious recipes.

Your taste buds will be tingling to learn about what the world of cooking entails.

A little mouthful on what this cooking experience is all about includes gainign knowledge on easy recipes to prepare healthy meals at home in minutes, understanding the diversity of food in Australia and gaining an understanding of how vegetable can make a sneaky appearance in food.

Reaching the end of this delicious journey, students will have a booklet filled with easy to make home recipes (both sweet and savoury) as well as original recipes created by the collective cooking crew.

You will also complete online hand hygiene and food safety certificates to put on your resume.

If you got hungry after reading this, speak with a FLO Case Manager to sign up today!

Happens every Tuesday.

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