CLC Referral Form

When making a referral to the CLC you can attend under the following three statuses:

  1. As a ‘fee for service’ (FFS) student

    - This means that you remain enrolled in your school; however, your school will purchase the subjects you decide to study. You must be at least 15 years old.

  2. FLO 85%

    - This means that you remain enrolled in your home school; however you will be provided with an onsite case manager at the CLC, as part of your FLO enrolment, and you will have access to the entire CLC and NASC curriculum. You must be at least 16 years old.

  3. NASC student

    - This means that you transfer from your home school and enrol as a FLO student at Northern Adelaide Senior College. You will be provided with a case manager and access to the entire CLC and NASC curriculum. You must be at least 16.5 years old.

For either a FFS or FLO 85% referral; the following referral form must be completed in full with associated attachments. Your FLO Leader at your school of enrolment must also sign as approval of this referral. Your referral will not progress unless the form is completed in its entirety.

A further condition of enrolment is as follows – please ensure a nominated representative attends the initial enrolment interview (such as APP Case Manager, site SSO), who is briefed on the students’ circumstances and can constructively contribute to enrolment interview process. It is expected this advocate/person will support the discussion at time of enrolment.

Please note if this form and associated attachments has not been completed an enrolment interview will not be scheduled. There will be no variance to this and homeschool FLO leaders will be notified.

Student Details

Case Manager Contact Details

AnglicareBaptist CareBarkumaCentacareConnected SelfEmployment DirectionsEmployment OptionsInComPro Youth Cultural Services for Aboriginal PeopleMission AustraliaNational Job LinkRe-Engage Youth ServicesRelationships AustraliaSave the ChildrenSchool-basedShaping FuturesSYC HYPATalking RealitiesUCWPAWhite LionWorkskilYourtown

Program Selections

This section will allow you to indicate the Program(s) that you are interested in for Semester 1 2020.
Please remember that this is a Referral, not an actual enrolment.

Check the CLC website for information about these courses.

In addition to the subjects below; students at the CLC are able to access and study the full curriculum offered at Northern Adelaide Senior College.

Please review all subjects on offer through our NASC website as these will be discussed at time of enrolment.

AGFACommunity Aerosol ArtCommunity Digital PhotographyEnglishFuture Focus Life SkillsMathMediaMusicSportIce FactorNASC Subject(s)

Emergency Contact

Please provide the emergency contact of the student expressing interest in enrolling at CLC.

Documents Needed