Seek and you will find your next step in life. If you’re ready for the workforce or school wasn’t for you, then prepare for your future with these courses.

VET and Career Assistance Program

VCAP is an individualised tailored Career Assistance Program suited for your unique career aspirations.

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NASSSA VET courses

If you’re keen to get practical and accredited experience in a particular industry, or just want to explore your interests, check out the range of VET courses we offer.

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Reality Bites (PLP)

This course brings together foundation skills that will help you move forward, enjoy life and plan for a brighter future.

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Fitness – Forces and Industry

Learn about the Australian Defence Force and working in the fitness industry. Work in a team and push your boundaries.

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Word on Work

Our team will introduce you to the world of entrepreneurial endeavours and help you discover future possibilities.

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15+ Maths: Life and Work

Come and participate in exploring how Maths and English are used in everyday life, especially for trade jobs.

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