Fitness, health, wellbeing, yoga or outdoor adventures… any of these topics interest you? Check out our courses relating the heart, body and mind.

Art Shaped Pose

Use yoga and art therapy to build strength and express your inner self.

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Cooking for Body and Soul

Following on from the art and yoga experience in the course Art Shaped Pose, you will have fun learning new recipes and trying new flavours.

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15+ Health & Wellbeing

Help design your learning journey, work in a team and challenge your health and wellbeing goals.

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Write On

Critical thinking & developing the ability to take thought & create a well-produced written piece.

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15+ Passport for Life

Supporting students to become prepared for independent living with a focus on being social, sexual health, financial and personal development and wellbeing.

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Young Mums

Choose from our range of parenting courses to arm you with skills to manage family life while you study.

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