Meet the team

The staff and teachers at the Community Learning Centre know how to make learning fun. We are very passionate about the courses we teach and our role working with young people.

We believe in tailoring learning to the interests of those we are teaching and we are always determined to find out what makes each individual tick.

Our team is made up of specialty teachers and industry mentors across a wide range of courses and youth support services to help students with any challenges they come up against.

The Community Learning Centre is a vibrant place to be and the students and staff equally enjoy being here every day.

Abbie-Lea Verco

CLC Wellbeing and Career Counsellor and The Word On Work / Tenacity / Vital Signs Teacher

I feel privileged to work hand-in-hand with our young people, creating strategies for success both in and out of the ‘classroom’. My teaching role at the Community Learning Centre involves preparing students for employment. I help students build their portfolios, discover their passion and work towards gaining and sustaining employment or further education. My counselling role is to look after the coordination of enrolment, pathway planning, student wellbeing and career opportunities.

Alyse Moore

Digital Photography / Next Step Photography Teacher

Working at CLC lets me get creative with teaching, by getting to know and working with students to make and do creative things together. I am passionate about delivering Photography and Research Project, and showing students that it's not as hard as they may think. When I'm not at work I'm spending time with my kids and family, adventuring and fishing.

Bec Beslagic

Youth Worker / Case Manager

Ben Harker

Art 101 / Your Creative Side Teacher

I most enjoy facilitating young people with anxiety re-connect to their education and their community through the wonderful medium of Visual Art, developing a positive sense of self and hope for their future. Art 101 & Your Creative Side are the two subjects I have created and passionately run for Mezz students. I enjoy sleeping, as I have two young children and a wife outside of work. To potential students I’d like to say: You may feel isolated or alone with your problems, however, many others have been where you have been and they have reconnected with their learning with support. Students have gone on to further study or work after completing their SACE, and many have becoming valued contributors to their community and society. You can do it! See you in class…

Ben Ryder

Academy of Gaming, Film and Animation / Experience AGFA Teacher

I have been working with the CLC since 2014 and have lived in Elizabeth for my whole life. My passion is visual art and I work with a variety of mediums from painting to 3D digital models. I volunteer with Rotary and have volunteered overseas with World Youth International.

Bridget Hoare

Community Liaison Officer

I am the “go to person” for most of your NASSSA CLC enquiries and needs… If I can’t fix it, I’ll find out who can! Oh... I really like elephants!

Cath Lappin

Art Shaped Pose / Cooking for Body and Soul Facilitator

As a practising artist and qualified art therapist, I believe everyone is creative. I love to encourage young people to find this within themselves and I really enjoy getting messy with art materials.

Daisy Brown

Actors Studio / Creative Minds Teacher

As a theatre maker and music maker, I truly believe in exploring creative spaces…they nurture your soul.

Dani Burbrook

AGDAP / Graphic Design / Outdoor Projects Teacher

Dani Stratford

Music / Rainbow Vox / Gigfest Teacher

The thing I love most about my job is helping young people learn something new and follow their passion while having fun doing it! Making music in the North is my favourite thing to do! You’ll find me drinking coffee and eating eggs in The Mezz!

Dawn Atkinson

Photography Facilitator / Industry Professional

Estelle Broadbent

Senior Leader of the NASSSA Community Learning Centre

I'm the person who brings together this fun-loving, passionate and devoted team to make your experience at the Community Learning Centre enjoyable and a great space, where you can choose to learn your way!

Harley Phillips

Youth Worker / Case Manager

I enjoy being involved in a school community where students take ownership of their future by being given the options and opportunity to reach their goals in their own way by passionate staff My role at the CLC is to predominantly support students with their wellbeing, however I enjoy getting involved in Hip Hop School and Aerosol Art when possible. I love spending time with my wife and 2 children outdoors. I also enjoy watching/playing sport and am unfortunately a Collingwood Supporter.

John Russo

Youth Worker / Case Manager

Joshua Earl

Senior Leader Arts and Media

Kara Walters

SSO / Case Manager

I work at the Community Learning Centre as a Youth Worker & Case Manager. I believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity, and am particularly passionate about advocating for young people. I love helping them achieve and reached their goals. Outside of classes, I enjoy going to the movies and like chatting about tattoos.

Kieran McGarrigan

Youth Worker / Case Manager

I enjoy the lasting impact that our work has on the individuals that attend the CLC , this impact does not stay local but also affects the community at large which has a very powerful end result that of which is positive change. My role encompasses a solid grounding in well-being and the interconnectedness of the individual within their social, biological and psychological aspects that make up well-being. I’m passionate about getting all these factors right so that they can work in harmony together for that individual. This takes form in delivering relevant resilience tools and activities that equip the individual with the skill sets to have control and affect their immediate environment. Outside of work i love spending time with family , friends and watching a good movie.

Mark Reilly (aka Marcus McFly)

Student Support Officer (SSO)

Being a former student of Hip-Hop School myself, I consider it a real honour to be able to pass on the knowledge I learned. We always have a good time whether it's me showing the class important tracks from Hip-Hop history or when we get a film clip up and analyse it the same way you would study a book and discuss it's hidden meaning.

Max Folly

Film Studio / Aerosol Art / Music Technology / Hip Hop Culture Teacher

Coming from a multicultural background, exploring different art mediums and connecting with the young people is my passion.

Melanie Caddy

Gamers Guild / Comics and Manga / Media and Culture Teacher

I’m a teacher at the CLC and at Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC). I’m passionate about playing games and reading comics, and I often use these in my classes. From board, card, video and tabletop role-playing games – you name it and I’ve probably got it or at least heard of it. My office is near the Arts Breakout Space in NASC and I run a lunchtime games club, which everyone is welcome to join in. Being geeky is fun!

Nathan Verco

Transition Officer

Sandra Draper

Student Support Officer (SSO)

Sharon Barreau

Student Support Officer (SSO)

I enjoy connecting with the students and witnessing their personal development and progress with their learning. The CLC is unique in how it delivers education and working with the team is very rewarding. When I am not at work, I enjoy holidays in my caravan, having fun with friends, watching the Crows and supporting my children with their sport.

Simon Burt (aka Store)

Aerosol Art Facilitator / Industry Professional

I enjoy teaching young people how to use their creativity and talent to express themselves. I’ve worked with lots of people over the years and I was even lucky enough to have painted with Prince William when he came to Adelaide in 2014.

Toby Fogarty

Academy of Gaming, Film and Animation / Experience AGFA Teacher

I have been working in the CLC since it started. I really enjoy playing PC / Console games, creating 3D models and animations. I also enjoy working with video / TV camera equipment to create live streams.

Toby Noble

English / Maths / PLP / Health and Wellbeing Teacher

I love working with young people at the CLC. I am passionate about sport, particularly AFL. I am a member of the Crows and I also love the outdoors.