We offer a flexible approach to learning through a range of individualised programs that assist students to complete SACE and access pathways to work or further study.

What is the Community Learning Centre?

The Community Learning Centre is ‘hosted’ by Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC), an adult-learning campus in the Northern Adelaide region. Students attending the CLC adhere to all NASC policies and procedures, and have access to participate in student life on campus.

Importantly, the CLC is constructed within partnership by the Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools Alliance (NASSSA) where all NASSSA schools have agreed to the context and operations of the CLC. This includes quarterly governance meetings held and attended by representatives of the NASSSA group and the State FLO Manager. These sessions feed into the established NASSSA FLO Curriculum Area team meetings. This ensures there is a shared vision and stake by all NASSSA schools and clarity of focus and purpose on student learning engagement, outcomes and wellbeing at the CLC.

As the host school, NASC partners with the community organisation Mission Australia to provide tailored and individual intervention and support for students through assertive case management. By working to minimise and remove barriers preventing student participation, they support students with their journey to reengage in learning and establish and achieve their goals. As a well-known, established and large community services organisation, Mission Australia provide the expertise and know-how to ensure students are connected to all relevant community supports and to build student capability to achieve their goals. An evaluation of their FLO service by the Adelaide University can be seen here.

Who is involved?

The Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools Alliance (NASSSA) is made up of 12 schools in the northern Adelaide region and formed to maximise the learning opportunities, career pathways, retention and educational outcomes for all associated students.

The primary focus of the alliance is to help all students successfully transition from school to employment, training or further education.

The schools that make up the alliance include:

Who is eligible to attend the Community Learning Centre?
To attend the Community Learning Centre, students must be referred by their Flexible Learning Options (FLO) coordinator or case manager.

Students are generally school aged between 15 – 21 years old.

The Community Learning Centre accepts students which are both part of the NASSSA community, as well as from other South Australian high schools. Please contact us for further details.